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The Function of the Department of Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences is to contribute to the Institutes Statutory functions. Its functions are:

  • To assist the School and Institute in the provision of quality education, research and development services in the areas of Chemistry, Biology and Physics to students, the community and industry
  • This is achieved through:
  1. The development of third level academic programmes at undergraduate and post graduate level
  2. The delivery of third level academic programmes through the provision of tuition and a range of supports to students who are undertaking these courses
  3. supporting staff in the provision of Research and Development services to the community and industry by undertaking research and consultancy
  4. promotion and participate in initiatives to develop science
  5. reviewing the programmes and activities of the department to ensure that they are in accordance with the Institutes policies, strategies and strategic plan.

Services Provided Directly to the Public

1. Information on courses and R&D services offered by the Department

2. Advise to applicants on courses

3. Provide advise to the public where possible in regard to services other than those provided by the Department can be sourced

4. Support for national initiatives such as Department of Education & Science in-service courses

5. Consultancy services as requested through the Development Office

Classes of Records Held

  • Reports and publications of relevance to Departments activities
  • Lists of students enrolled on courses
  • Records of students progress on courses in the form of continuous assessment results, notes of meetings, and attendance records
  • Copies of students examination results held by the Exam office
  • Reports prepared by the staff of the Department such as Course development records, Course Proposal Documentation, Course Review documentation
  • Course handbooks
  • Minutes of Course Board meeting and other course board related correspondence
  • JAWs meetings minutes
  • Staff and student contact details
  • Intra-departmental staff correspondence and correspondence between Department staff and other Departments and service functions within the Institute
  • Correspondence with the general public and outside agencies
  • Correspondence between the Department and students
  • Staff CVs
  • Staff, class and student timetables

Contact Points