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Mary Rose Stafford

Business, Computing and Humanities


The School of Business, Computing and Humanities comprises four departments:

Arrow Business  
Arrow Creative Media & Information Technology
Arrow Computing  
Arrow Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism  

and the following centres of research and policy including

IAHT (Irish Academy of Hospitality and Tourism)
CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development)
CIDS (Centre for Innovation in Distributed Systems)

With a committed and dedicated team of over 90 staff we have created a student-focused learning environment, providing an integrated, professional and academic development program of study for our students. The School offers a suite of programs combining the academic and vocational, theory and practice in a range of disciplines from entrepreneurship to culinary arts and tourism, to computing and digital media in an innovative and creative environment. The presence in the school of so many interrelated programs enhances the experience of students of each individual program.

Our aim is to produce well-rounded and adaptable graduates. Key skills acquired by our graduates include communications, critical thinking, team-work, analytical and technical skills. Students benefit from the use of state-of-the-art facilities and learning technologies and techniques. In an active learning environment the student engages in learning through business simulations, case studies, seminars, problem-based learning including ‘hands-on’ business projects and team-building exercises enhancing the learning experience for the student.

The enrolment of international students on programs within the School and the Institute also enhances the learning environment through sharing of knowledge and cultural experiences.




  • Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (CEED)
  • IAHT (Irish Academy of Hospitality and Tourism)
  • Intelligent Mechatronics and RFID (IMaR)
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