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Graduates of the Institute of Technology, Tralee are highly regarded by employers. Indigenous and multinational companies make direct contact with the Institute for recruitment purposes on a regular basis.

Job Vacancies
Contact the office with details of any job vacancies and the office will arrange the advertisement of the positions on the IT Tralee web-site, notice boards and also distribution among existing students and alumni.

Careers Fair

This event is organised annually and gives employers an opportunity to promote their organisations while meeting highly qualified students and graduates interested in career progression.

Courses available in IT, Tralee
Search for details of courses and subjects completed by graduates:

Employer Presentations
Employers may choose to visit the Institute to address graduating class groups of their choice with the intention of recruiting towards the end of the academic year.

Distribution of promotional material and application forms
Students are in regular contact with the Careers Office for information and assistance. The Careers facility is the ideal vehicle to deliver information from prospective employers to potential employees. The Office will direct students to promotional material and distribute application forms to targeted groups.

ITT Interview Facilities          
The ITT has built up strong relationships with many companies, by facilitating recruitment on campus. Interview rooms can be arranged to facilitate companies with interviews after presentations to students. This will allow greater efficiency where a company can promote itself and recruit on the same day.

For further information please contact: